Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CPS destroying children and their families (make a family guilty)

I am a victim of serious discrimination and of my children being taken from me when it is and was by NO MEANS necessary. Not only have I lost my little boy in one state, but once I moved was harassed and witnessed the well known agency "CPS" break laws and deny me my own rights as a US citizen. For example my spouse of 6 years and I had an argument and the police were called....2 weeks later CPS shows up at our door demanding we do 4 pages of services. I said no since she was never in any danger and was healthy, etc...They lied in LEGAL DOCUMENTS swearing the truth just to get the law suit into court. Claiming she was left alone, drug use (in which no history exists) just to make up a basis. After 7 months of getting drug tested weekly, legal documents being FORGED, trespassing on private property (the list goes on), going to individual and couples counseling, psych. evaluations....We have done EVERYTHING and things have gone too far. They have now taken her from our home because we did not show up to a court date in the prior county even though they legally should have transferred the case. They refuse to provide legal representation, explanations, and have refused to provide and court records justifying their actions. I was recently diagnosed with an illness and now they are using that against me saying I cannot be a good parent because I am in pain. They were so furious that our drug tests were coming up clean they had somebody watch us urinate, and after passing that one are demanding we give our hair. I have been in the hospital so many times that this would give them every reason to retrieve EVERY medical record of mine. Even after asking the family court judge for an attorney she denied my right, and even ignored the fact CPS had broken the law (felony charges) in order to retrieve certain private records. I have had 3 case workers leave CPS due to the fact their conscience got a hold of them. Now the little girl who I love and am with 24/7 is gone....This is sick, and I cannot believe nobody is stepping in to stop these monsters. I believe intelligent families who do not agree with certain things are targeted. You will see children in meth labs who have brain damage etc be returned to families! But over 15,000$ of the American tax payer's money has been wasted on us for evaluations,court costs, UA's, you name it just to make us guilty of whatever they want. They even refused to let us see our psychologists because they claimed they would testify in court that we were amazing parents. I do not want to type much more because this is currently on going.....but certain people are targeted for a reason. This must stop, and we as families need to stop being brain washed and see things for what they really are. I used to think America was a great place to be, but we live in a silent holocaust. Children's and parent's minds and hearts are dying every single day in the thousands.